PARADISE AIR CROSS Stay Program 2013 is inviting artists to stay at the PARADISE AIR residence in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture and engage in art work.

PARADISE AIR (P_AIR) offers a “LONG Stay Program,” an opportunity for a foreign artist to spend about 50 days in Matsudo City and engage in art work, and “SHORT Stay Program” where Japanese and non-Japanese artists are provided free lodging (2 nights 3 days) in exchange for performing in front of Matsudo Station. This year’s program is titled “CROSS Stay Program 2013” and both the LONG Stay and SHORT Stay programs are held concurrently. We hope that the CROSS Stay Program 2013 will provide an opportunity for artists to interact among themselves with the community, and serve as an attempt to cross through cultural differences.

Address: #401&403, 15-4, Honcho, Matsudo-city, Chiba, JAPAN.
Hosted by: Matsudo Community Planning Council
Supported by: The Agency for Cultural Affairs (2013 Artist in Residence Program)
Cooperated by: Hamatomo Kankou Co., Ltd.
Website: http://matsudo-artline.com/residence





The theme of the PARADISE AIR CROSS Stay Program 2013 is “HEAR (the voices).”

Matsudo City, where PARADISE AIR is located, has had some level of exposure to radiation since the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The fear and anxiety caused by this invisible threat is immeasurable. Therefore, The LONG Stay Program is seeking an artist who will be willing to “hear” the voices of the community, and be able to engage in art work or creative activities while conducting interviews and fieldwork.

The SHORT Stay Program is inviting artists and those involved in artistic/creative activity, who work in areas where they are forced to live in various difficult circumstances since the great earthquake, and will hold talk shows and workshops to introduce their activities in the affected areas.

We hope the artist in the LONG Stay Program will proactively interact not only with the community of Matsudo, but also with the artists in the SHORT Stay program. We are seeking an artist who will capitalize on this rare opportunity and further their carrier as an artist.


Staying Period (provisional)

January 17, 2014 ~ March 2 2014 (45 days)

Note: Applications for the SHORT Stay Program are not accepted at this time.


Number of Invitee and Qualifications

1) One artist
2) 40 years of age or under
3) Must hold nationality other than that of Japan.
Note: No group entries are accepted.


Requirements for the Applicants

Applicant must be:
1) Able to enjoy communicating with the community.
2) An artist actively engaged in contemporary art, contemporary music, or other artistic fields.
3) Able to form a good relationship and interact with other artists and local community members during their stay.
4) Willing to interview and conduct fieldwork with the local community and collaborate with other artists in residence.
5) In good health.
6) Able to meet the schedule of production and social event.
7) Able to converse in English or Japanese.


Main Schedule of Events

- Talk Event: Artist’s self introduction
- Welcome Party: with the local community
- Talk Event Presentation of art work or outcome of the program

Note: These events is required the applicant to attend.



- Travel costs: One round-trip travel costs between the artist’s place of residence and Matsudo
- Accommodation (Paradise Air residence)
- Production Cost (up to 150,000 yen): The amount to be determined upon discussion with the Paradise Air Executive Office based on the artist’s creative plan.
- Per diem: 3,500 yen daily (up to 45 days total)
- Coordination at the venue
- Transportation costs for the finished art or materials/equipment.
- General assistance in daily needs and/or art production
- Public relations

Note: The selected candidate must be covered by health and accident insurances. The Executive Office is not responsible for their insurance coverage.

Note: As a basic rule, the he/she must come unaccompanied, but should they wish to bring their spouse and/or their children, they must inform the Executive Office when applying. The accompanying person(s) must bear their own travel and other necessary expenses.

Note: Meals may be prepared in the kitchen of the residence.

Note: When coming from a country where there is no tax treaty with Japan, 20% income tax will be deducted from the production cost and per diem.


Copyright and Public Relations

The copyrights and ownership rights of all art works produced for this program will belong to the artist.
All photos documenting the production process, exhibits of art works, workshops, etc. will belong to PARADISE AIR.
We ask the artist in residence to cooperate in any photo/video shoots and interviews requested by our staff, subcontractors or the media.
The artist may or may not comply with the request for the lease or donation of the art works produced for the program.


Application Period

until November 25, 2013

How to apply

Please email us to : pair@matsudo-artline.com, attached with the following informations.

1) Application Form (PDF)
- Please attach the file with your mail.

Please fill up the following application form.
This is about your artist carrear and plan for the art work you expect during your stay.
When you send, the file is requeired to be converted WORD file to PDF.

Download the application form :
[PDF ver]: http://matsudo-artline.com/document/csp2013_af_pdf.zip
[WORD ver]: http://matsudoartline.com/document/csp2013_af_doc.zip

2) Portfolio or Samples(images/videos/sounds) of Your Works (PDF or ZIP )
- Please insert the link for the data on external server to your mail.

Please upload your data to
- https://www.hightail.com/
- https://www.wetranser.com/
and email us your link(s).

- Portfolio or the folder must be no more than 50MB total.
- You may attach the data of video or music works (less than 5-minute long per work).
- Please upload the data with [PDF] or [ZIP] on external server.



Note: We will not be able to answer any questions regarding the selection.


Selection and Announcement

Method of Selection

Selection will be made by the judges from outside of our organization, based on the information submitted by the applicants.

Selection Date

Early December 2013


The announcement will be made on the website in mid-December 2013.


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